Best Study Habits to Practice Daily for Success


There is no doubt that having a healthy daily routine will go a long way in helping a student become successful, in whatever field they wish to become successful in. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best study habits that you can practice daily, for success.

Learning Style

Are you a visual, auditory, written or kinaesthetic learner? If you aren’t sure, take some time to consider it or do a few tests.

It is important to understand the way you learn, which is why your learning style can go a long way in helping you as a student become successful. When you’re studying, it isn’t so much about how much or how hard you study, but rather about how smart you study.

So before approaching any other habits, work out your learning style.

Be Organised

Smart studiers understand that there is no point in studying every day, all day. Instead, they wake up every morning and write a schedule for their day. They might study from 9am to 12pm, with 5 minute breaks every 20 minutes to ensure that they will stay clear and focused.

They also plan what they will study, and how. Every student is different, so for you this may involve writing a brainstorm. For someone else, this could involve doing practice tests over and over. Ultimately, it is up to you to work out a routine that suits you and allows you to achieve your goals.

Your Notes

You don’t have to note down everything, but what you do write down should be important – after all, when all the lectures and tutorials are over, you’re going to need something to refer back to.

Clear and Concise

Your notes should be clear, concise and organised. They don’t have to be understandable to other people, but they do have to be completely legible and clear to you.

This may mean that you will have an original copy of notes, which will be written after each lecture. These notes may be messy and may require rewriting.

Don’t shy away from that. Rewrite these notes, making them clear and clean. Rewriting these notes will also solidify what was spoken about during each lecture, allowing you to revise without much hassle at all!

After Each Lecture

If you choose not to rewrite your notes after each lecture, then consider making another daily habit instead.

This could be in the form of reading over your notes, discussing the lecture with a friend or even listening to the lecture again online.

No matter what you choose to do – stick with it for 21 days. If you still want to do it after 21 days, then it has officially become a positive learning habit.


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