TAFE Gippsland celebrates the end of semester this week for a special student cohort and volunteer tutors who are involved in the Courses in Spoken and Written English (CSWE) classes at our Morwell campus.

Many of the students are new arrivals to Gippsland, including migrants and refugees, and all of the tutors are local volunteers who spend each week helping TAFE students practise written and conversational English.

Head of Department Foundation and Learning Support, Ms Shae McGregor, says although CSWE is primarily a language class, there are many other benefits for our TAFE students.

“Our study program allows people from various multicultural backgrounds to be linked within their new community,” Shae said.

“The tutors are an amazing group of people who not only help our students with their verbal and written skills, they provide great support to people when they need it the most.”

Ms McGregor said a number of organisations work closely with TAFE Gippsland to assist in the education and community integration process.

“This week, as we celebrate our terrific volunteers, we also highlight the organisations that work together to support our community such as Latrobe Community Health Service,” Ms McGregor said.

“They are linking our multi-cultural students with community and the support services that allow them to fully integrate into our Gippsland communities.”

The Morwell campus will hold an end-of-semester celebration for staff, students, tutors and partners on Wednesday 26 June from 12:30pm in the CSWE student area.