TAFE Gippsland’s Jobs Advocates will be out and about in communities throughout Gippsland to provide free one on one assistance with finding work or finding work related services. They will meet with people in community spaces such as libraries, public housing foyers, sports clubs and shopping centres. Our Jobs Victoria Advocates are sharing their knowledge and resources about finding a job.

How a Jobs Victoria Advocate can help you

If you’re looking for work, Jobs Victoria Advocates can:

  • refer you to a local Jobs Victoria Partner who can help you update your resume, prepare for job interviews, and connect you with local employers
  • connect you to local skills and training opportunities through Work and Learning Centres, TAFE Skills and Jobs Centres, and apprenticeship programs
  • help you apply for jobs in your local area through the Jobs Victoria online hub.

Who is eligible?

The program is available to anyone who resides in the Gippsland area But may be particularly helpful for:

  • Young people and students who are unsure of their future options
  • People with little or no previous work experience
  • People who are returning to work after time off
  • People who have not previously worked in Australia
  • People with specific requirements

Meet our Advocates


Location: South Gippsland and Bass Coast

Bio: Kate has extensive experience working in the employment services sector, having worked in a variety of roles within the industry over the last 10+ years. In her spare time Kate enjoys spending time with family, live entertainment and studying.


Location: East Gippsland & Wellington Shire

Bio: Vanessa has experience working in Jobs Victoria having previously held the role of Jobs Victoria Mentor in her previous role. This experience has given Vanessa extensive knowledge of the services available across eastern Gippsland. Outside of work Vanessa enjoys studying, home renovations, socialising and animal rescue.


Location: West and Central Gippsland

Bio: Jeremey has spent many years working in front line roles at TAFE Gippsland which has given him a strong understanding of the types or services and assistance requested by the community. Jeremy also has a strong interest in developing a Podcast to help job seekers connect with employers, other job seekers and service providers. Jeremy has a wide variety of interests and hobbies, some of which include Motorsport, Kayaking and Videography. He enjoys making videos for YouTube documenting these and more.


Location: West and Central Gippsland

Bio: Over the last 10 years Andrea has worked in an assortment or roles across the education and employment sectors with most roles having a focus on community engagement. When Andrea is not in the office she enjoys travelling, hiking and spending time with friends

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