Callan Park
Certificate III Carpentry
Yallourn Campus

The decision to come to TAFE was an easy one carpentry apprentice Callan Park.

With a goal of owning his own business, Callan signed up to complete his trade training at the TAFE Gippsland Yallourn Campus.

“I liked the idea of myself one day having my own building company and achieving something in the building industry,” said Callan.

“I heard TAFE Gippsland was a great learning place and offered a lot of opportunities, so I knew I would enjoy doing my training there.”

A few years in and Callan is just as passionate about the industry as he was when he started. With his sights firmly set on his goal, Callan has dedicated himself to learning all that he can about his trade by growing his skills and taking on as much practical experience as possible.

After working locally in South Gippsland Callan took his apprenticeship to the Mornington Peninsula to continue to build his experience in the industry. Despite the travel, Callan continues to study at TAFE Gippsland, making the regular journey to the Yallourn Campus.

“We have the opportunity to put our skills into practice at TAFE,” said Callan.

“Being able to build structures in the workshop and do it with great teachers has helped with an understanding of what I want to achieve being in this course.”

For Callan, TAFE Gippsland was all about taking opportunities to achieve his goals.

“I enjoyed the learning experience at TAFE Gippsland and there were so many opportunities that came from studying,” Callan said.

“Hopefully I will create my own business and become a builder that is well known and successful.”

Callan’s advice for anyone thinking of studying at TAFE Gippsland is to just “do it!”

“It will be the best experience and you will get so much out of it and feel like you have achieved what you never thought you could.”