Ellie-Jade Kelly

Ellie-Jade Kelly
Certificate III in Hairdressing
GippsTAFE Leongatha Campus

What was it that first got you excited about your chosen study area and future career path?
As far back as I can remember, from a very young age I have wanted to be a hairdresser. With close family members working in the trade, I was able to experience and see what hair dressing was actually like.

I have always had a creative side to me and being a hairdresser allows me express this through my work every day. Over the years of seeing the good and bad side of hairdressing I still loved it and had a passion for it; so I decided to choose this as my career path.

Can you remember how you felt in the first week of your course?
After finishing my Certificate II, I was looking forward to continuing my studies and developing new skills.

I was extremely excited to start my first week of training at GippsTAFE. Having the same teacher and knowing some of the other students made me feel very comfortable although I was still a little nervous about the tasks that I had to undertake.

Staying motivated can be a challenge for a lot of new students, what challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?
I never found the work load overwhelming; I felt that the right amount of work was given at appropriate times. If I was ever stuck with anything or needed assistance or advice my teachers were always happy to help.

What practical training experiences have you had as a part of your course?
I am very lucky that I get to do a lot of practical work in salon and at GippsTAFE. The salon I work at is a busy place with a lot of clients, which enables me to do a big amount of hands on work with my clients and helping out senior staff members.

Of course with any training there is theory, but in with my training there is a great amount of practical study as well. All of us are very fortunate that GippsTAFE allows us to welcome clients into our classroom/salon so that we get more practice on people rather than just mannequins.

Have you had success as a result of your training?
I have had a lot of success as a result of my training. I have recently won Outstanding Apprentice of the Year award through GippsTAFE, which was a huge accomplishment for me. By completing my Certificate II in Hairdressing whilst still at school, I’ve also opened up a wide range of opportunities to start my career.

Where to from here?
Once I am qualified there are so many opportunities out there for me, my options are endless. I could open my own salon and have my own business in hairdressing; I could go into the field of runway or photography hair or even be a teacher myself. No matter what area I decide on, I will continue my education.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about studying at GippsTAFE?
I would definitely encourage them to. It is a fantastic way to get an insight of a career you are looking into. GippsTAFE is a very friendly environment, a great place to get education and has a wide variety on offer.