Elly May Hoskin
Certificate III in Aged Care and Certificate III in Home and Community Care
Warragul Campus

Elly May has a passion for helping people and with a career in Aged Care that is exactly what she is doing.

“I chose to study in aged care and home and community care because I was interested in health care and I want to help people and make a difference in their life,” says Elly May.

When we spoke to Elly May she was preparing for her first day of work with a local Aged Care provider. Confident that the skills she has learnt have prepared her for the challenge she was excited to begin her career.

“When I finished my course I was employed by the facility that I completed my placement with. I loved placement throughout my course. I was nervous at the beginning but then I grew and became more confident. I learnt new skills on my placement.”

Elly May enrolled with TAFE Gippsland because she was looking toward a future in the health industry and the Warragul Campus was close to home.

“I enjoyed learning new skills at TAFE Gippsland. The teachers were fantastic and I met many different new people and made new friends.”

“I highly recommend TAFE Gippsland. The qualifications you gain will help you succeed in the future. You will meet new people and it is a fantastic learning environment.”

Like many others Elly May is committed to following her passion and creating a lasting career in an industry she loves.