Todd Standing

Todd Standing
Certificate III in Joinery
GippsTAFE Yallourn Campus

What was it that first got you excited about your chosen study area and future career path?
It wasn’t so much a chosen area of study but more an optional qualification provided by my employers. I guess the excitement of being able to acquire a trade (something worthwhile) and better my skills in the workforce was a first, considering, that my previous job was a video shop clerk and it wasn’t going to get me very far in life.

Can you remember how you felt in the first week of your course?
I can’t say I do remember my first week of trade school. All I can say is that it was a very inviting atmosphere and I felt a part of the class almost immediately.

Staying motivated can be a challenge for a lot of new students, what challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?
I enjoy going to TAFE and when it comes to the work load it’s pretty much laid out for you so you’re always prepared. Everything at TAFE is very achievable as long as you want to achieve it.

What practical training experiences have you had as a part of your course?
The practical training is the best part of my course, learning how to build furniture and other structures at a very detailed level makes me feel really good about myself, knowing that I’m achieving great skills. Being able to bring the work home when I’ve finished is always a bonus.

Have you had success as a result of your training?
I have has success in my employment and I have built more furniture that I was able to sell. I have been paid to do odd jobs in the ways of renovations and repairs for friends and family, which has opened up more job opportunities through word of mouth.

Where to from here?
I’ll keep doing what I’m currently doing just expand on it. I plan on utilising every aspect of the training I have received and just keep doing what I enjoy best.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about studying at GippsTAFE?
Go for it! The education and training can take you anywhere you want to go in life, whether it be for a job, a career or to get you on your way to further education at a University.