• Course Code
  • MEM40105
  • Course Type
  • Accredited Course; Free TAFE
  • Study mode
  • On Campus
  • Duration
  • Full time: 12 months
    Studies can be customised depending on the students capabilities and skill sets within the units.
  • Starting Date
  • Ongoing enrolments
  • Location
  • Yallourn
  • Sale (Fulham)
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Course Overview

The options are endless when you choose this advanced, post-trade qualification. Not only will you have the opportunity to choose where you’d like to specialise, but you’ll also study the latest information about Engineering from industry professionals.

Choose to specialise in mechanical, electrical, fabrication, diesel fitting, or fitting and turning. Depending on which specialisation is right for you, a Certificate IV in Engineering will enhance your existing skills in design, assembly, manufacture, installation, testing, commissioning, fault finding, modification, and servicing equipment.

You’ll step into a successful career when you can effectively use the latest machinery, equipment and joining techniques. Level up your engineering knowledge with a Certificate IV today.


Tuesdays and Thursdays preferred. Yet this can be negotiated between the facilitator and the student.

Qualifications and Recognition

Upon successful completion of this course students will be eligible to receive the Certificate IV Engineering.

Career Opportunities

  • Mechanical Fitter
  • Boilermaker

Opportunities for Further Study

  • MEM50105 Diploma of Engineering (not offered at TAFE Gippsland)
  • MEM601122 Advanced Diploma of Engineering (not offered at TAFE Gippsland)

Further Information

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

ACSF level 4 literacy/numeracy and the ability to undertake independent learning. Work references and industry experience as per A.S. 1796


Not Applicable

Online requirement

Not Applicable


Course Cost

VET Student Loans

Not Applicable for this course

Help with Fees

Specialist Course Information

Specialist Course Information



Not Applicable

Pathway to Industry Licence

Not Applicable

Material and Equipment supplied by students

Not Applicable

Student Services

Support is available for students at every stage of the study journey. Please speak to any of our friendly reception or teaching staff.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Many TAFE Gippsland courses offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Click to learn more about RPL and how it can benefit you.

Course Structure

Course Modules

Course Units
MEM07005C Perform General Machining
MEM05046B Perform welds to code standards using manual metal arc welding process
MEM05045B Perform pipe welds to code standards using manual metal arc welding process
MEM05044B Perform welds to code standards using gas tungsten arc welding process
MEM05043B Perform welds to code standards using gas metal arc welding process
MEM05042B Perform welds to code standards using flux core arc welding process
MEM05037C Perform Geometric Development
MEM05036C Repair/replace/modify fabrications
MEM05026C Apply Welding Principles
MEM05025C Perform welding/fabrication inspection
MEM05024B Perform welding supervision
MEM05020C Perform advanced welding using gas tungsten arc welding process
MEM05019D Weld Using Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Process
MEM05017D Weld Using Gas Metal Arc Welding Process
MEM05016C Perform advanced welding using manual metal arc welding process
MEM05011D Assemble Fabricated Components
MEM05010C Apply Fabrication, Forming And Shaping Techniques
MEM09002B Interpret technical drawing
MEM05052A Apply safe welding practices
MEM05051A Select welding processes
MEM05049B Perform routine gas tungsten arc welding
MEM05015D Weld Using Manual Metal Arc Welding Process
MEM05050B Perform routine gas metal arc welding
MEM05005B Carry out mechanical cutting
MEM05004C Perform routine oxy acetylene welding
MEM05013C Perform manual production welding
MEM05012C Perform routine manual metal arc welding
MEM05007C Perform manual heating and thermal cutting
MEM18002B Use power tools/hand held operations
MEM18001C Use hand tools
MEM11011B Undertake manual handling
MSAENV272B Participate In Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices
MEM17003A Assist in the provision of on the job training
MEM16008A Interact with computing technology
MEM16007A Work with others in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment
MEM16006A Organise and communicate information
MEM15024A Apply quality procedures
MEM15002A Apply quality systems
MEM14005A Plan a complete activity
MEM14004A Plan to undertake a routine task
MEM13014A Apply principles of occupational health and safety in the work environment
MEM12024A Perform computations
MEM12023A Perform engineering measurements
MEM03003B Perform sheet and plate assembly
MEM06007B Perform basic incidental heat/quenching, tempering and annealing
MEM07006C Perform Lathe Operations
MEM07007C Perform Milling Operations
MEM07021B Perform complex lathe operations
MEM07032B Use workshop machines for basic operations
MEM12006C Mark Off/Out (General Engineering)
MEM18003C Use tools for precision work
MEM18005B Perform fault diagnosis, installation and removal of bearings
MEM18006C Repair And Fit Engineering Components
MEM18007B Maintain and repair mechanical drives and mechanical transmission assemblies
MEM18009B Perform levelling and alignment of machines and engineering components
MEM18013B Perform gland packing
MEM18018C Maintain pneumatic system components
MEM18019B Maintain pneumatic systems
MEM18020B Maintain hydraulic system components
MEM18021B Maintain hydraulic systems
MEM05008C Perform advanced manual thermal cutting, gouging and shaping
MEM05009C Perform automated thermal cutting
MEM05018C Perform advanced welding using gas metal arc welding process
MEM12007D Mark Off/Out Structural Fabrications And Shapes
MEM12003B Perform precision mechanical measurement
MEM30012A Apply mathematical techniques in a manufacturing engineering or related environment


Practical demonstrations in simulated work conditions, theory test

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