We understand that everyone needs a little help sometimes which is why the Student Support Services Team are here to assist you with any study challenge, issue or question you may have during your studies with us.

Our team are general go-to people on campus who can provide information and assistance for your study as well as other personal issues you may be experiencing. This may include referrals for financial issues, counselling services, accommodation services or simply to talk about your course progression.

Student Support Services can assist you with:

Literacy and Numeracy Support

If you are struggling with your literacy and numeracy skillset, you can meet with a team member to determine the most appropriate support that means you do not have to struggle in class.

This might be in class support to help students to break down the steps needed to understand course material and determine appropriate responses. Or, it might be to identify and coordinate any additional learning resources students require to ensure access to quality learning and ongoing support.

The Student Support Services Team will develop collaborative partnerships with the students, teachers and other support networks as required to ensure students are successful and to encourage students take ownership and responsibility for their learning.

Assignment Support

If you have been out of study for a while, you might need some assistance with structuring and/or writing assignments. Our team can sit down with you and take the time to help you digest the information from your different units and provide an environment that is comfortable to ask questions.

We can even organise study session groups for specific courses, units or specific challenges.

In Class Support

Our team can support students while they are learning in the classroom to provide an on the spot service that is relevant to the information being delivered. If a student recognises that a little bit of support could assist in the learning process, then we can develop a suitable Individual Support Plan that identifies challenging areas, determines best practice processes and offers support when and where required.

The last thing we want to see is you struggling with your studies, so reach out today.

Links to External Support

At any time throughout their studies, students are encouraged to reach out if they are experiencing challenges, or difficulties.

If the expertise required is not available on campus, we will discuss alternative support providers external to TAFE Gippsland. This can include providing suggestions of who might be able to assist, organising appropriate appointments or making calls to clarify information. Whatever the issue we can support all students.

Study Skills

The Student Support Services Team can provide students with relevant information to make studying easier. From time management, note taking or understanding how to reference work, there are a number of ways to access this type of support.

Handy hints will be available on Moodle, regular Study Sessions will be scheduled across all campuses and specific workshops can be organised as required. Just let the Student Support Services Team know what you need and we will do the rest.

Download our Study Tips Guide

Health and Wellbeing Support

Sometimes we all need a reminder to look after ourselves.

It is important for students to ensure they are focussing on their health and wellbeing on a regular basis. We can only function at our best if we are feeling our best and this means different things to different people.

The Student Support Services Team can provide a number of different options for students to consider as part of their overall positive wellbeing. There will be regular reminders through on campus kiosks, online information as well as ongoing opportunities to talk to the Student Support Services Team about different alternatives.

Disability Support

At TAFE Gippsland we are committed to making everyone’s experience enjoyable and worthwhile.

If you have a disability and need help, we can provide practical assistance, support and advice.

Our Disability & Access Advisors (DAA’s) will work with you if you have any off the following conditions:

  • Physical – affecting your mobility or dexterity
  • Intellectual – affecting your ability to learn
  • Mental illness – affecting your thinking processes
  • Sensory impairment – affecting your hearing or vision
  • Neurological – e.g. Autism Spectrum or an Acquired Brain Injury
  • Learning disability – e.g. ADHD or dyslexia
  • Medical condition – e.g. Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis or diabetes
  • Students who are carers

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