We understand that everyone needs a little help sometimes which is why the Student Support Services Team are here to assist you with any study challenge, issue or question you may have during your studies with us.

If you need help, Student Support Services is your place to go. When life gets in the way of your studies and you need a hand, there’s a range of services on offer just for you – from wellbeing to learning support. All our services are free and confidential and operate from 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Student Support Services can assist you with:

Learning Support

We all need a little help sometimes, which is why our Learning Support team are here when you need support to stay on track with study. They can provide guidance on the best way to get the most out of your time with TAFE Gippsland.

Reading and writing

Understanding different reading techniques can help you decide if you need to skim read for the main ideas, scan for specific information, or read for comprehension to get a full understanding of the text. Learning support can help you improve your academic writing by understanding how to break down a question, structure a sentence and paragraph, answer an assessment question and generally use correct grammar, punctuation, and tense.

Assignment writing

The way you structure your assessments contributes to the overall quality of your submissions. There are people to assist you with different assessment and presentation styles. Referencing is also an important part of any assessment. Our team can provide an overview of different referencing styles so the assessments you submit are accurate.

Study Skills

The team can assist you to improve the way you study. From establishing a dedicated space, to structuring your study time, to looking after yourself physically and mentally. Whether you’re studying on-campus or via online platforms, study skills are vital for academic success.

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Wellbeing Support

Sometimes we all need a reminder to look after ourselves.

It’s important that you focus regularly on your health and wellbeing. We only function at our best if we are feeling our best and this means different things to different people.

The Student Wellbeing Team can provide options for you to consider as part of your overall wellbeing. They assist in mental health, relationships, work, and study. Student wellbeing can also refer you to community programs and services like psychology or counselling.

Student wellbeing also focuses on event and dates of significance throughout the year. They include RUOK Day, International Women’s Day, Tradies Health Month, Harmony Week, IDAHOBIT Day, International day of persons with a disability, and 16 Days of Activism.

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Disability Support

At TAFE Gippsland we are committed to making everyone’s experience enjoyable and worthwhile.

If you have a disability and need help, we can provide practical assistance, support and advice.

Our Disability & Access Advisors will work with you if you have any off the following conditions:

  • Physical – affecting your mobility or dexterity
  • Intellectual – affecting your ability to learn
  • Mental illness – affecting your thinking processes
  • Sensory impairment – affecting your hearing or vision
  • Neurological – e.g. Autism Spectrum or an Acquired Brain Injury
  • Learning disability – e.g. ADHD or dyslexia
  • Medical condition – e.g. Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis or diabetes
  • Students who are carers

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