Enrolling at TAFE Gippsland

Ready to enrol at TAFE Gippsland? If you have selected a course, or still have some questions you can speak with one of our friendly Recruitment Officers to begin your enrolment journey. You can give us a call, send us an email or visit one of our campuses to begin your application.

The process is easy and our Recruitment Officer will work with you through the following steps:

  • Select the right course for you.
    Finding the right course for you is very important! We will work with you to understand your interests, goals and expectations to find the best course for you. Once you have made a course decision, we will provide you with details of the course you are interested in, and clarify with you any pre-requisites or other requirements you may have to meet prior to enrolment.
  • Applying for your course. There are a forms you will need to complete as part of your application, these include:
    • Unique Student Identifier
      You must have a USI number to enrol to study. You can find you more about the USI below or click here to apply for a USI.
    • Pre-Training Review Form. This form helps us to understand a little more about your training needs.
    • Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Test. As part of your enrolment, you will need to take and LLN test.
  • Enrolment Following the submission of your application, you will be offered a place to study at TAFE Gippsland. In this stage, our Recruitment Officers will work with you on enrolment forms and eligibility, your training plan, a fee quote and payment options.
  • Payment of Fees Once all of the paperwork is completed, an Enrolment Officer will be in contact to finalise your payment and provide you with your student ID number, how to get a student ID card, and next steps for your study journey with TAFE Gippsland.

Direct Application

Direct application can be made by contacting the Customer Service Team on 1300 133 717 and selecting the course enquiries line or alternatively via email enquiries@tafegippsland.edu.au.

A Customer Service Officer will provide you with details of the course you are interested in, and clarify with you any pre-requisites or other requirements you may have to meet prior to enrolment in the course of your choice.

These pre-requisites or other requirements may include the achievement of a certain secondary school level qualification, age, folio or police check etc.

If you have met all pre-requisites, including a Pre-Training Review, and other requirements, you may be invited to enrol in your selected program.

Formal enrolment consists of the completion of a TAFE Gippsland enrolment form, and payment of fees. It should be noted that a prospective student is not classified as an enrolled student until full payment of fees is made, or other financial arrangements for the payment of fees have been authorised by TAFE Gippsland.

Pre-Training Review

For each Learner enrolling in a vocational qualification, regardless of eligible or ineligible status under the Victorian Training Guarantee, TAFE Gippsland will conduct a Pre-Training Review of current competencies (including literacy and numeracy skills) prior to commencement in training.

The Pre-Training Review will:

  • identify any competencies previously acquired (Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) or Credit Transfer);
  • ascertain the most appropriate qualification for that Learner to enrol in, including consideration of the likely job outcomes from the development of new competencies and skills; and
  • ascertain that the proposed learning strategies and materials are appropriate for that individual.

When the Pre-Training Review identifies that a Learner may not have the Foundation skills required, the Learner will be referred to an Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) specialist for an assessment against ACSF core skills of learning, reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy.

When a gap exists between the Learner’s assessed ACSF level and the ACSF levels required within the vocational qualification (whether in any one, or a combination, of ACSF-assessed skills), TAFE Gippsland will recommend appropriate strategies for the Learner.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) involves a formal recognition of the skills and knowledge a person has already achieved through previous studies, work and life experiences. Students may be awarded full or part qualifications on the basis of their assessment.

Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) and Credit Transfer (CT)

If you have a certificate of results from previous training and your previous training is within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), it will be recognised by TAFE Gippsland. This means that you may apply for credits for any nationally recognised components of training that you have already successfully completed. Provided that your application meets the requirements, you will not have to complete these components of study again.

This also ensures that any AQF Qualification or results you attain whilst undertaking studies at TAFE Gippsland will be fully recognised by all other Registered Training Organisations across Australia.

For more information on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Recognition of Current Competencies (RCC) and Credit Transfers contact us on 1300 133 717.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

Prior to enrolment students require their own Unique Student Identifier (USI). Your USI will help keep your training records and results together in an online account controlled by you.

From 2016, each time you enrol to study with a new training organisation, your USI will be used to store your training records and results. By having a USI you will be able to access your training records and results (or transcript) whenever you need them. For example, for a new employer or when you enrol to study at a new training organisation.

Your USI can be accessed online from your computer, tablet or smart phone and gives you access to your training records and results at your fingertips.  To obtain yours go to: www.USI.gov.au

Induction & Orientation

Induction and orientation is an important process for all students. Induction and orientation processes may differ depending on the course you are participating in.

All students will be provided with an induction session at the beginning of a course and you may be asked to participate in an Orientation Day.

No matter what the process you can expect that your induction will introduce you to TAFE Gippsland as well as your relevant department and course. Induction will cover a range of topics including:

  • Introduction
  • Amenities
  • Institute Policies
  • Course Overview
  • Student Work Health and Safety (WHS) Induction
  • Student Medical Information Form

Click to download our Student Handbook

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