Literacy and Numeracy (LN) Support is designed to enable the selection and use of approved Literacy and Numeracy Support units to address the needs of vocational learners to facilitate completion of a vocational qualification under the Skills First program.

About LN Support

Designed by the Department of Jobs, Skills Industry and regions to increase the level of proficiency in literacy and numeracy for learners requiring additional skills across vocational programs, programs will be delivered in class as part of a student’s normal structured timetable to help support them achievement of vocational competence.

How does LN Support work?

Your teacher will set up a time for our LN Support team to come to your classroom, introduce themselves and the LN Support program and guide you through the enrolment process.

LN Support sessions will be co-delivered as part of your normal structured timetable. Your LN Support teacher will work closely with your vocational teacher to ensure they understand the topic and the assessments.


The LN Support program comes under Free TAFE however, it does not impact future eligibility for any other Free TAFE course.

Enrolments in LN Support programs under Skills First will not count towards a student’s commencement for the purpose of the two Victorian Government subsidised course commencements per year rule.

More information

Speak to your vocational teacher for more information about LN Support programs.