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Accredited course
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Course Duration:
1 year
Commencing in:
  • 2024

2024 Intake

Intake Date Campus Attendance Days
15/07/2024 Off campus Monday, Wednesday 6:00pm-9:00pm

About this course

Step into the role of a seasoned professional in the construction industry and give your business the boost it needs with our Certificate IV in Building and Construction. Whether you're aspiring to be a builder, supervisor, construction manager, or foreman, this program equips you with essential skills for effective project planning, adhering to structural guidelines, and skilled on-site supervision.
This course is designed to offer practical, hands-on knowledge. You'll gain a firm understanding of legal standards and industry requirements, giving you a distinct edge in a competitive field. Upon completing this qualification, you're making a significant stride toward of gaining the required knowledge to be able to apply for a Builders Registration throughout Australia. Your journey toward greater expertise and industry recognition begins here.

Advance your career in the dynamic field of building and construction with our comprehensive Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building Stream), offered primarily online. This course is meticulously designed to reflect the real-world roles of builders, site managers, and managers of small to medium-sized building businesses. It provides an in-depth understanding of structural principles, building codes, standards, and legal requirements crucial for modern construction projects.
As you navigate through the course, you’ll gain valuable skills in site management, deploying teams with specialized construction skills, ensuring product and building compliance, and effectively managing diverse weather and site conditions. This qualification is ideal for those looking to enhance their managerial capabilities in the building industry, focusing on practical application and strategic thinking
*Please note that one class is delivered on campus in Yallourn.

Did you know: The Victorian Government has now made Free TAFE courses even more accessible for new students enrolling for study in 2023. All Free TAFE courses at TAFE Gippsland are now available to people with higher-level qualifications and those who have completed a previous Free TAFE course and are looking to continue in their selected training pathway. Conditions and eligibility rules apply. Check out our Free TAFE information page for further details.

Career Opportunities

Occupational titles depending on packaging options selected may include:
Construction Supervisor
Site Manager
Site Supervisor
Leading Hand

Opportunities for Further Study

A potential pathway from this qualification is the CPC50220 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building).

Skills or Knowledge gained

The skills and knowledge that you will have the opportunity to develop as a part of this course will include but not be limited to:
- How to plan for building and construction works
- How to apply building codes and standards to the construction process
- How to apply structural principals to residential and commercial constructions
- How to read and interpret plan an specifications
- How to prepare simple building sketches and drawings
- How to minimise waste on a building and construction site.

Entry Requirements

Are there specified requirements for entry into the course/qualification?: Yes

Mandatory entry requirements:

Students must have access to a computer with a stable internet connection to be successful in this course.
Student must have good internet skills and an ability to learn how to use new software and systems.

Recommended entry Requirements:

It is strongly recommended that individuals that are considering undertaking this qualification are working in the construction industry whilst studying this qualification with TAFE Gippsland.

Limitations to course Entry:

Students must meet the minimum requirements for a language, literacy and numeracy assessment task prior to being admitted for enrolment in to this qualification

Minimum Industry Requirement

Not applicable.

Licensing/Regulatory Requirements

Will this course/qualification or a constituent unit provide a pathway to an industry licence or regulated outcome: No

Qualifications and Recognition - 2024

Upon successful completion of this course students will be eligible to receive the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building Stream).

Work Placement - 2024

Does this course require placement?: No

Further Information - 2024


Fees and charges Government subsidised concession Government subsidised Full-fee paying student
Maximum full course tuition fee* (GST exempt) $680.36 $3,401.80 $14,119.80
Materials fee* (GST exempt) $905.00 $905.00 $905.00
Total $1,585.36 $4,306.80 $15,024.80
VET Student Loans

Not Applicable for this course

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Sample course units

BSBPMG422 Apply project quality management techniques
CPCCBC4001 Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for Class 1 and 10 buildings
CPCCBC4002 Manage work health and safety in the building and construction workplace
CPCCBC4003 Select, prepare and administer a construction contract
CPCCBC4004 Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects
CPCCBC4005 Produce labour and material schedules for ordering
CPCCBC4006 Select, procure and store construction materials for building and construction projects
CPCCBC4007 Plan building and construction work
CPCCBC4008 Supervise site communication and administration processes for building and construction projects
CPCCBC4009 Apply legal requirements to building and construction projects
CPCCBC4010 Apply structural principles to residential and commercial constructions
CPCCBC4012 Read and interpret plans and specifications
CPCCBC4014 Prepare simple building sketches and drawings
CPCCBC4018 Apply site surveys and set-out procedures to building and construction projects
CPCCBC4021 Minimise waste on the building and construction site
CPCCBC4024 Resolve business disputes
CPCCBC4026 Arrange building applications and approvals
CPCCBC4053 Apply building codes and standards to the construction process for Class 2 to 9 Type C buildings
CPCSUS4002 Use building science principles to construct energy efficient buildings

The assessment for each course varies. It may include knowledge questions, practical skills tasks, projects, research work, on the job assessment, etc. Your assessor or educator will provide specific information on the requirements for your course.

You can expect that:

  • assessment methods are clear
  • assessment tasks are relevant and meet the requirements of your course
  • assessor or educator demonstrate fairness and lack of bias when assessing your work
  • educators will provide open and honest feedback about assessment tasks.