TAFE Gippsland has an exciting opportunity for leaders across all industries to participate in a regional leadership program.

Designed to develop and enhance the skillset of existing supervisors/managers, newly appointed managers or emerging leaders in any industry sector, this series of seven workshops will focus on building capability and resilience, to develop and grow leaders of our own in the region.

What you’ll get out of it

Cross collaboration of industries will provide a dynamic and interesting opportunity to grow your network and to take part in peer-to-peer learning.  No matter the industry, the methodology is still the same.


Program format


The series is based on the concept of Me as a leader, how I lead my TEAM, and how consolidation of ME and TEAM can enhance my BUSINESS performance.

The 2024 Leadership Series will be delivered as a program of seven workshops, spread across the year, enabling attendance at the full series or at selected individual sessions.


Your individual leadership style, how you manage self and others.

Workshop 1 (19 April)

Communicating effectively and managing people (facilitated by Kylie Paatsch)

Workshop 2 (24 May)

The Emerging Leader & What they need to know (facilitated by Kerryn Vaughan)

Workshop 3 (21 June )

Emotional Intelligence & Self-development – Why it matters in leadership (facilitated by Maree McPherson)


Managing and leading your team effectively.

Workshop 4 (12 July)

Creating a team environment and culture (facilitated by Alison Crabb)

Workshop 5 (2 August)

Recognise, respond and understand changing working environments and trends of employees; mental health in the workplace (facilitated by Tanya Heaney-Voogt)

Workshop 6 (30 August)

We need to talk, leading difficult conversations (facilitated by Kylie Paatsch)


The business you manage.

Workshop 7 (11 October)

Goal planning and leading your team in business success (facilitated by Alison Crabb)

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Workshop details

Workshops will be run at our Morwell campus on the dates provided above from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.

Registrations will close seven days prior to each workshop.


$580 per workshop, per participant.  
$4,100 full suite of  seven workshops, per participant.

You can choose to attend the full series of 7 sessions, or you may select individual sessions, based on your areas of interest or availability.


There will be an option to formalise your training into a Diploma of Leadership and Management once you’ve completed this series.

Introducing our presenters for 2024

As an established provider of leadership programs in the region, we have leveraged from a talent pool of professional presenters to create the 2024 Leadership Series. Find out who our presenters are this year.

Kerryn Vaughan


Kerryn Vaughan is an international speaker and author, facilitator, and podcast host.

Kerryn’s award winning book Magnificent Kids! was the catalyst to her founding the global organisationOne Planet Classrooms, which facilitates projects such as clean water solutions and student sponsorship program, to schools and communities in Africa.

In 2018 Kerryn launched Girls With Hammers which hosts conferences and workshops aimed at empowering and connecting women, and in 2019 Kerryn released her second book Get Off The Bench! to help people bring their ideas to life. The Get Off The Bench! Podcast came to life in 2020 after a number of false starts and a stint of despair, and inspires people to believe they CAN.

Kerryn is an Accredited DISC Advanced Consultant and has been facilitating and training for 18 years both in Australia and internationally.

Kylie Paatsch


Kylie has over 25 years experience in business, leadership, and people development. She has spent time working in Senior Executive and Operational Leadership positions and has firsthand experience and knowledge of what it takes to lead people effectively. Having spent over a decade in Learning and Development, hiring talent and developing advanced leadership programs internally and externally for Flight Centre Travel Group, Kylie has a sound understanding of what businesses and leaders require.

Kylie is a bold optimist who is regarded as an expert in Leadership Development and use her vast experience and knowledge to give leaders practical tools for action and sustainable growth.

She is a qualified, experienced and engaging facilitator, coach & meditation teacher who is passionate about leadership development, corporate culture and gender equality.

Alison Crabb


Through building a culture of excellence, I lead the largest division within the Flight Centre Travel Group, which delivered the company most profit globally for eight consecutive years. My focus on continuing improvement saw my division recognised as the groups’ most improved division for six of those eight years.

I am an expert in retail operations and leadership, leading teams and teaching others to create an environment of trust, purpose and inspired culture, where people work cohesively towards shared goals.

  • Lead multiple brands simultaneously under Flight Centre Travel Group was responsible for delivering results in over 200 stores, opening more than 100 new stores as an Area Leader and State Leader
  • Delivered profit from $18 million to $49 million in 8 years Winner of the Director’s award for Global Outstanding Achievement
  • Finalist in Telstra’s Business Woman of the Year

Maree McPherson


Maree McPherson received the Medal of the Order of Australia in January 2023, recognising her commitment and contributions to the community.

With a career spanning nearly 40 years under her belt, including a tenure as a Chief Executive in a Victorian peak body, Maree’s counsel is in high demand by executive leaders and top-tier organisations.

Maree’s mission centres on transforming organisations into enduring legacies and working with leaders to dive deep into their insights and emerge with profound clarity on leadership adaptability. In short, Maree helps leaders think.

Maree’s method, refined through her years of experience, revolves around executive and organisational coaching, in which she has post-graduate qualifications. She has supported leaders in ASX 500 companies, including the insurance, finance and healthcare sectors, all tiers of government, educational institutions, and for-purpose entities.

With over 1800 hours of coaching experience, Maree is also an accredited practitioner in the Mayer Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT). She has conducted over eighty test debriefs with executives and company owners, attesting to her dedication to emotional intelligence development in the teams of tomorrow.

In 2014, Maree founded her coaching and training company, and her path as an author began with the publication of two impactful books. Notably, her 2021 book, “Worthy” was listed as a finalist in the Australian Business Book Awards 2022.

Maree is an experienced professional and a visionary catalyst for leaders who want to create change.

Tanya Heaney-Voogt


Tanya is a mentally healthy workplaces expert, safe & effective leadership coach and workplace change facilitator, helping leaders, teams, and organisations to thrive in this rapidly changing and high demand world of work.

With a 25-year career leading people, projects and change across the health sector Tanya now helps workplaces to develop mentally healthy work practices, strengthen workplace cultures; and develop safe, and high performing leaders and teams.

A prolific writer, researcher, and thinker in her areas of expertise Tanya loves sharing this knowledge with others and published her first book, Transforming Norm – Leading the Change to a Mentally Healthy Workplace, in 2022.  Her second book Finding Equilibrium will be released in May/June 2024.

So, if you’re an existing supervisor/manager, newly appointed managers or emerging leaders in any industry sector, register your interest below.

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