Choosing to do an Early Childhood Education and Care course with TAFE Gippsland will set you on a fantastic career path and open up a multitude of options for your future.

As a respected Australian institution, your qualification will enable you to work in schools and other educational institutions across the country. Other employment prospects include work as a nanny, or work in program planning and management.

Early Childhood-Proof-Point

5 invaluable qualities of those who work with children

1. Patience and a sense of humour – these two things help keep the classroom environment balanced and in order, as well as helping you keep your cool under pressure.

2. Respect for diversity and differences – you should be willing to work with varied learning styles and with varied cultures so students leave having achieved learning objectives.

3. Creativity and flexibility – being able to consistently make learning fun and exciting for your students will add to the satisfaction of your job.

4. Strong communications skills – being able to break complex subjects into easily digestible pieces is invaluable.

5. Passion! – your enthusiasm should reach beyond playground fun and focus on helping young children meet developmental milestones.

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