How am l going to learn the hands on skills required for the course while studying online?
Each program area is currently adapting the delivery of their courses to meet the requirements of each program. Theory units are being brought forward to teach immediately and teachers are developing demonstration videos to upload into the online platforms for students to practice skills at home. The student will practice at home and may be required to video the process and upload for assessment.

When will l be able to complete the practical assessments for my course?
Students will complete intensive simulation sessions once class based delivery is reintroduced. The theory and underpinning knowledge for these practical sessions will be delivered online in the present environment.

How can l fulfil my work placement during COVID–19?
Some work placements continue to operate under strict guidelines approved by the Department of Health and Human Services. TAFE Gippsland is working with all organisations to establish whether placements will continue or be postponed. Organisations are continuously changing advice regarding placement allocation. TAFE Gippsland Placement Coordinator’s are managing this process and informing all students two weeks prior to placement to confirm attendance and to provide specific guidelines to adhere too.

Advice this is changing weekly as more information becomes available. Teaching departments will inform students of these adjustments if relevant to their placement.

What is zoom and collaborate and how do l access them?
Online collaboration and zoom are services used to connect teachers and students digitally to communicate in an online space. These online systems use software that lets team members chat using video, audio and text.

Do l have to attend the collaborate / zoom sessions?
We highly recommend you attend your scheduled zoom or collaborate sessions, however if you are unable to attend these 1 to 2 hour sessions, they will be taped for you to watch at a time suitable for you.

What computer equipment do l need to complete the course?
The only equipment required is an electronic device (PC, laptop, tablet) with an internet connection and a camera for video conferencing.

How many hours would l need to dedicate to study?
We don’t anticipate hours of study will alter considerably. The difference will be in the time you are required in face to face sessions with your teacher. For example, if you study full time – 4 days per week, there would be an expectation that you will still be required to study 4 days per week but in a more flexible mode where you can choose your times and location.