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Accredited course
Mode of Delivery:
On Campus

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Course Duration:
2 years
Commencing in:
  • 2024

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About this course

Have you thought about where you want your future to go and are ready to take the leap? Do you need a higher level of education to help get you there? Then the Victorian Certificate of Education may your pathway to achieving your dreams.

For Senior Secondary students (aged 16-18) and adult students who wish to return to study, the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

The VCE opens pathways to university, higher-level TAFE or VET certificate courses, apprenticeships, traineeships and the workforce. TAFE Gippsland offers both a scored and non-scored VCE pathway and the VCE Vocational Major.

Our VCE programs include:

  • Adult VCE (online - one-year full-time program - but does not need to be taken in a single year, can be completed part-time)
  • Student VCE (online - two-year full-time program for Year 11 and Year 12)
  • VCE Vocational Major (face-to-face, two-year full-time program for Year 11 and Year 12)
  • VCE VET Studies (online/face-to-face, two-year full-time course offered as part of VCE programs).

Throughout your study, you will be supported by our expert teachers, interacting with them and other students regularly in order to discuss your learning and helping to increase your confidence.

Designed to be completed over a minimum of two years, the VCE VM (Vocational Major)  is a vocational and applied learning program that allows you to apply knowledge and skills in practical settings such as workplaces – doing community-based activities and projects that involve working in a team. You can also receive credit for on-the-job learning.

Our VCE Vocational Major program is delivered face to face at our Bairnsdale or Morwell campus.

To get your VCE Vocational Major, you must successfully finish at least 16 units. These will include units in:

  • VCE VM Literacy or VCE English
  • VCE VM Numeracy or VCE Mathematics
  • VCE VM Work Related Skills
  • VCE VM Personal Development Skills
  • VET at a Certificate II level or above (180 nominal hours)

Many VCE Vocational Major students also add other VCE studies to their program.

You will apply knowledge and skills in practical settings such as workplaces. You’ll do community-based activities and projects that involve working in a team. You can also receive credit for on-the-job learning.

You won’t receive a study score for the VCE Vocational Major subjects, which means these subjects won’t count towards an ATAR. This is because there are no exams or other external assessments, apart from the General Achievement Test and in some scored VCE VET programs.

VCE VM students at TAFE Gippsland will be dual enrolled in the VCE VM and a Certificate II or III of their choice so they can ‘jump start’ their careers, setting them up for a productive and promising future.

Career Opportunities


Opportunities for Further Study

Further TAFE courses
Entry into workforce ,
Attain an ATAR ranking for entry to university (scored VCE program)

Skills or Knowledge gained

VCE study is designed to provide a two-year program (Adult VCE may be studied in a single year). Studies are nationally and internationally benchmarked at Unit 1 and Unit 2 level to a Year 11 standard, and studies at Unit 3 and Unit 4 level are benchmarked to a Year 12 standard. Units 1 and 2 can be completed as single units and Units 3 and 4 in each study are designed to be undertaken as a sequence.

Entry Requirements

Are there specified requirements for entry into the course/qualification?: Yes

Mandatory entry requirements:

Adult entry is available only to students who are 18 as of the 1st of January of the year commencing and have not studied VCE in the 12 months prior.
Students under 17 must seek 'Exemption from School' letter prior to enrolment.

Recommended entry Requirements:

Completed Year 10
For online VCE only, students must have a computer, reliable internet or access to for a min. 20-25 hrs per week. They need access to a webcam or camera, a headset and, preferably, a printer regularly to be able complete course.
Students are required to purchase textbooks before commencing course (materials list will be distributed at time of interview)

Limitations to course Entry:

Must reside in Victorian or have a Victorian home address

Minimum Industry Requirement

Not applicable.

Licensing/Regulatory Requirements

Will this course/qualification or a constituent unit provide a pathway to an industry licence or regulated outcome: No

Qualifications and Recognition - 2024

Upon successful completion of this course students will be eligible to receive the Victorian Certificate Education with a Vocational Major appellation. Students will additionally be eligible for the Certificate II or III they have studied as part of the course (NB some VDSS courses offer partial completion - please check with your teacher.)

Work Placement - 2024

Does this course require placement?: Yes

Students are strongly encouraged to attend work placement one day a week throughout the duration of the course. Organisation of this placement can be discussed on interview.
Elective SWL Unit, minimum 80 placement hours.
VDSS - requirement for placement dependant on VET certificate chosen.

Placement to be arranged by: Student

Further Information - 2024


Fees and charges Government subsidised concession Government subsidised Full-fee paying student
Maximum full course tuition fee* (GST exempt) $520.00 $2,600.00 $18,600.00
Materials fee* (GST exempt) $200.00 $200.00 $200.00
Total $720.00 $2,800.00 $18,800.00
VET Student Loans

Not Applicable for this course

Help with fees

Sample course units

HH011 Health and Human Development 1
HH022 Health and Human Development 2
HH033 Health and Human Development 3
HH034 Health and Human Development 4
LT031 Literacy (VCE VM)
LT032 Literacy (VCE VM)
LT033 Literacy (VCE VM)
LT034 Literacy (VCE VM)
NM031 Numeracy (VCE VM)
NM032 Numeracy (VCE VM)
NM033 Numeracy (VCE VM)
NM034 Numeracy (VCE VM)
PD031 Personal Development Skills (VCE VM)
PD032 Personal Development Skills (VCE VM)
PD033 Personal Development Skills (VCE VM)
PD034 Personal Development Skills (VCE VM)
SO011 Sociology 1
SO022 Sociology 2
SO033 Sociology 3
SO034 Sociology 4
WR031 Work Related Skills (VCE VM)
WR032 Work Related Skills (VCE VM)
WR033 Work Related Skills (VCE VM)
WR034 Work Related Skills (VCE VM)

The assessment for each course varies. It may include knowledge questions, practical skills tasks, projects, research work, on the job assessment, etc. Your assessor or educator will provide specific information on the requirements for your course.

You can expect that:

  • assessment methods are clear
  • assessment tasks are relevant and meet the requirements of your course
  • assessor or educator demonstrate fairness and lack of bias when assessing your work
  • educators will provide open and honest feedback about assessment tasks.