TAFE Gippsland policies are available in PDF format:

Child Safe Documents

CM 006 Complaints, Appeals and Reviews

CM 03 Quality Policy, Strategy and Improvement Framework

CM 08 Freedom of Information

CM 23 Privacy

Corporate Management


Information Communication & Technology

Policy Statements

TL 002 Enrolment and Fee Payment

TL 003 Withdrawal and Refunds

TL 005 Apprenticeships and Traineeships

TL 006 Skills Recognition - RPL and Credit Transfer

TL 007 Assessment Appeals

TL 010 Student Induction and Orientation

TL 011 Student Support Services

TL 012 Managing Learner Misconduct

TL 013 Academic Integrity

TL 022 Excursions and Field Trips

TL 029 VET Student Loan and Student Review

TL 032 Practical Placement

TL 035 Student Eligibility - VTG

TL 036 Assessment of Learning

TL 040 Pre Training Review

TL 046 VET Student Loans and Student Entry