VET Delivered to Secondary Students (VDSS) programs are a great way to get a head start in your chosen career and we offer a variety of study options for secondary school students across the Gippsland region. Qualifications that will help you to stay ahead of the curve, and be relevant in a future workforce.

We offer a range of choices from mainstream programs such as plumbing, hospitality and hairdressing, right through to maritime operations, conservation & ecosystem management, or integrated technologies (3D printing and robotics). Loads of variety so you can choose the pathway that is right for you.

The benefits of enrolling in a VDSS program:

  • Boost your resume with nationally recognised qualifications and units of competency
  • Taste test potential careers while you are still in school
  • Gain industry experience and employability skills
  • Gain credits towards further education via pathway opportunities post secondary school
  • Develop valuable hands on skills and experience for work, further training or university
  • Study close to home and experience an adult learning environment
  • Gain valuable skills and knowledge to assist with employment whist studying.

Programs are offered over one or two years, and contribute to your overall Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), VCE Vocation Major (VM), Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) requirements. VDSS students are required to attend campus one day per week and in some cases, supported by Work Placement or Structured Workplace Learning, to further enhance skills and provide opportunities for industry employment. Let us help you fast track your career progression by enrolling in a VDSS program with TAFE Gippsland.

Places are limited so secure your placement.


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Perceptions are not reality

Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector continues to deliver excellent results and outcomes for its students, industry and economy at large.

Yet, among the Australian public, perceptions surrounding vocational education continue to be widely out of step with the reality of the sector and its achievements. Below are 3 Facts about Vocational Education and Training.


In May 2017, McCrindle Research and Skilling Australia Foundation developed a research project to compare the outcomes for university graduates and VET programs.  You can access the full report